Saturday, November 24, 2012

Prayer Walks and God Talks.

The painting God gave us of bringing the boldness of the Spirit with us into our next season.

The Lord works in crazy ways.
A few weeks ago, a dear friend who traveled to Africa with me mentioned missing me.
I wasted no time in inviting her to Portland to spend the week with me.
We hadn't spoken much since we had returned to our homes- back to the craziness of life.

But God knew we needed each other this week.
The days have been filled with so much joy.
She has spoken so many words of encouragement and affirmation over me.
So much of God's goodness.

A few nights ago, we decided to go on a prayer walk.
We walked up and down the neighborhood streets praying over each other and our future plans.
And God said, "I have even more for you both."
After our walk, we both talked about how we felt this boldness and power when we were in Kenya that seemed to become weaker when we returned home
We knew this boldness, this power in Jesus name should not stop now that we are back in the States. We want more boldness to bring Kingdom to the nations.

My prayers, and stomping on these streets were heard and are real.
My God still works in me, through me, for me.
And there will be more boldness in my next season.
More growth.
More prayers.
More presence of God.
Only more.
He's going to grow me. Shape me. Stretch me.
He's going to change me.
And I'll be here praising Him, because I know, He makes every single thing absolutely beautiful in His perfect time.

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