Thursday, November 8, 2012

Joy, prayer, HOPE.

It's a daily choice.
Something you choose to walk in.
Something I constantly pray for.
Overwhelming joy.
I want to be filled with joy.
I want it to pour out of me.
I want it to beam out of me.

I want to be faithful in prayer.
To ask and see God move.
To speak and hear God answer.

I want to be patient in affliction.
As He works.
As He prepares my path.

I believe that my God is a God who reigns.
Who gladly gives joy to His children.
He loves us to take joy in Him.
In every circumstance.

He loves us to cry out to Him in prayer.
He desires to hear us.

The coming weeks, months, years, decades will not be easy.
But I believe in a faithful, powerful God.

So here I stand:

Declaring joy.
Taking joy in the hope I have in my King.
Who is alive + moving + working.

Who delivers.
Who is in control.
Who has already won.

Being faithful in prayer.
Powerful, powerful prayer.
What you cannot do, the Lord can.
Don't be afraid to ask Him to do the impossible.
Don't hesitate.
Don't hold back.
Don't fear he won't come through.
When you ask. The Lord answers.
He is good.

Being patient in affliction.
Knowing He is working.
He has a plan. A purpose.
That He is molding and shaping.
Teaching and renewing.
When I don't understand, I will choose Him.

Serving the Lord.
Fervently. Enthusiastically.
Listening and acting on His commands.
Speaking truth.
Loving the unloved.

Honoring others.
Becoming humble.
Fighting for those who cannot fight.
Being devoted to my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Using my gifts.
Using my gifts and talents to serve.
Without fear.
Singing even if I tremble.
Blessing others with what God has given me.

Keeping peace.
Living in harmony.
Loving everyone unconditionally.
Never quarreling. Or harboring bitterness.
Overcoming evil with good.

Sharing with those in need.
Those in the church.
Those outside the church.
The lost. The lonely. The broken.

Choosing everyday to be JOY. To serve the Lord. And to believe in His power.
Less of me, more of you Jesus.
And let's pray.
Romans 12. 

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