Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gimpses of Heaven

On Friday, we spent the morning dancing and worshipping with widows. It was beautiful. Tears filled my eyes. In that small, concrete building with no lights and muddy floors; I saw a glimpse of Heaven. Heaven on earth as believers from all walks of life, with unique stories and testimonies, danced together. Women who had lost husbands, who were once filled with sorrow, danced with joy. 
For the Lord’s goodness, for His grace, for His love, for His everlasting promises. 

On the way home, we stopped at the hospital to pray for the sick. 
On Sunday, we danced with a man we had prayed over. 
A man who two days ago was lying lifeless on the ground of a crowded hospital, now stood in front of the church healed by the Lord. 
A man who now joined us in dancing to worship a God who heals, protects, and provides. 

Last night, we danced and stomped and sang at the top of our lungs as the sunset and the rain fell. Praising God for what He is doing here in Malawi, for what He’s already done, for what’s to come. To dance and praise a God who is covering us in unbelievable blessings. 

Our first two weeks in Malawi have been beautiful glimpses of Heaven. 
Where we will dance in front of our creator endlessly. 
There won’t be sickness or sorrow or grieving. 
There won’t be language barriers. 
We will not grow weary. 
We will just dance and sing praise unending. 
And let me tell you, It’s going to be absolutely beautiful. 

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