Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I am with you.

Over a year ago, the Lord gave me the opportunity to share His love by drawing animals in charcoal on a Haitian rooftop.
It completely wrecked my world. 
I taped this picture in the cover of my Bible. It made my heart sing, it made me thirsty for more of sharing Jesus and it inspired me to grow and move.
Move all the way to Africa.
The Lord continued to let me use my passions to share His love with children in Kenya.

Outside of hospital beds. Healing and Hope.

On front door steps. Joy and Purpose.

In hospital wards. Worth and Love.

After school. Boldness like lions and casting out fear!

On hospital walls. Growth and NEW LIFE.

The Lord continually blessed me with opportunity upon opportunity of pouring into His children through art and creativity as I traveled through Kenya.
I came back with the thought that I could not use art to encourage, teach, and love God's children at home. And so I didn't. I passed up opportunities to do what I loved and what I missed doing.
And then, God reminded me that He is with me. (Yeah, even in America!) And that I can do what I love with American children. With my generation. With my peers. With my sisters.
Okay, Jesus, let's go.

This past week. I had the incredible opportunity to accompany the high school youth group on their summer camping trip.
I got to watch a group of people I love discover their identities in Christ through painting and worshiping Him through creativity!

We are His beautiful children. Loved, sheltered, set free, held, alive, empowered, and fought for. And so much more. 

He is with me.
He was with me in Haiti.
He was with me in Kenya.
And He is with me in Oregon.
And He's moving in Oregon. And He uses me in Oregon. He speaks to me in Oregon.

And we are painting in Oregon, in Jesus name.

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