Saturday, April 14, 2012

Animals in Our Kitchen

It’s difficult to write blogs now that living in Africa has become my normal, day to day life. I am used to washing my clothes in buckets and hanging them to dry outside.
Used to hearing “Mzungu! Mzungu!” as I walk down the streets. To walking down to Dorothy's Supa Duka or to the nearby gas station to purchase a Coca-Cola for 30 shillings. I am used to the birds in the kitchen and the monkeys in the trees. To the sound of screams and chairs slamming in the middle of the night as the locals celebrate goals while watching the soccer game on TV upstairs.
It’s also difficult to write blogs knowing that we only have two full weeks of ministry left here. After weeks spent living in tribes, doing door to door evangelism; visiting and speaking at schools; preaching, singing, and passing out food at the IDP Camps; visiting numerous African church services; praying with patients in the hospital and coloring pictures with the children; and visiting and watching the baptism of over 50 prisoners..My time of living in Africa is nearly over.
I’m excited though, excited to see what these next two weeks of ministry will hold. As we lead a youth camp here at the church hall, spending our days fellowshipping, leading devotions, and eating meals with them...and bracing ourselves for an extremely loud seven days. And as we once again leave our home in the church hall to go into another tribe to do more door to door evangelism...this time during rainy season.
I cannot wait to see God work in more incredible, powerful ways than He already has.
To see Him be more than enough.
To see His overwhelming, never failing love working in the lives of people.
To see Him speak to and save the lost and broken.
And to see how He will continue to change me.
To transform my heart and to break my heart for the things that break His.

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